Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Unsavory Truth About Being Fat

Everything has to start someplace and dieting is no different. You have to start at the start and work your way through to the end.

In the case of the age old battle of losing weight, the end is not when you achieve a target number on the scales. It's when you have gotten there and have stayed there at the end of every day after that.

Problem is that as each day ends, you go to sleep and wake up to a new one, which has to end the same way the last one did, with you seeing the same beautiful number on the scales and the same beautiful you staring back in the mirror. Think you can do that?

If you can, then you don't need my help. Or the help of anybody else for that matter. Because you already have the determination and power of will to see through a diet and fitness program to achieve the body you want to have.

But for most folks, that's just not the case. Most overweight people dream of being thin and of being fit. But that's all they ever do... dream. Sure, many go on diets or sign up for the local gym and to begin with they're real champions at it.

But the enthusiasm fades and the determination wanes and the power of will withers away day by day. They start sneaking the occasional slice of pie or the sneaky candy bar when no one is looking, they skip off a day at the gym or don't work as hard as yesterday.

They don't know it but they're already on the slippery path back to the size and weight they started at and before they know it, they're back there and gaining even more. What hope is there when it's just so darn tough?

Hate to bust your cozy, warm and fuzzy bubble, but that's the stark reality of things.

Not many people have the sheer mule headed stubbornness to stick to any kind of weight management program. That's because it means they have to sacrifice a lot of the things they like to eat and workout harder than they feel comfortable doing.

It takes them out of their comfort zone and to a place they would rather not be. It's hard and it's not fun and even a little bit scary and they don't like it at all!

Well, I'm here to tell you some home truths about the way things are when you're overweight. I'm not sugar-coating anything or making any crazy false promises that don't have the happy ending they lead you to think they have.

I'm here to tell you that if you really want a slim, fit and great looking body, there is only one way to get it. You have to want it bad enough to make those sacrifices, get out of your comfort zone and start doing something to help yourself.

You have to do things for yourself rather than wait for some doctor or drugs company to come up with a magic wand they can wave and make it all better. The old saying holds true, "If you want something done, you better do it yourself!"

So that's my welcome speech for this new blog I just started. Nice way to say Hi, but at least its honest! I'm Doctor Cook and I'm retired from medical practice but I'm sure not retired from the knowledge about health, weight and fitness that's in my head!

I can talk about what I know and if anyone ever reads this, there will be some useful nuggets of information in here that you can take away and use to help yourself to help yourself. Let's get to work...